Positively Autistic was our featured account between 12 Oct– 19 Oct 2014

Our Aims at Positively Autistic are to create Autism Awareness. We’re dedicated to providing people with support, and have different groups and pages which provide people on the Autistic Spectrum or Un-Diagnosed with all the help and advice they need. It’s a place where they can go to to make friends; post questions; join in on conversations with other people who have knowledge to Autism.

It is an ever-growing development which is growing and growing to a bigger community. We have started new shows on Positively Autistic, which is to enable people to engage on the radio, where they can interact by going to our LIVE BlogTalkRadio shows, or listening on demand.

We are very excited to soon be announcing all of the New-to-2012 Radio Shows, which will include a Poetry Radio Show, with Poet, Marilyn Ann Francis and her radio partner who is on the Autistic Spectrum.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for people to join in with each other, work in teams, create awareness to the ever growing globalisation Autism Awareness throughout the world and to make friends.

Don’t forget to join us every Thursday for the Positively Autistic Radio Show Live from the office with Founder of Positively Autistic, Tracy Roberts.